Children Hospitality Service Subsidy Program for Working Mothers

An initiative of the Human Resources Development Fund which provides support to enable working mothers to join the labor market and maintain employment by reassuring them of the care provided to their children.

Objectives of the Support Program

Increase the percentage of Saudi women working in the private sector.
Contribute to the stability of Saudi women in their jobs.
Creating simplified solutions for Saudi mothers working in the private sector.

Conditions for Joining the Subsidy Track

A Saudi National
Working in the private sector
Registered with GOSI
The wage paid in GOSI shall not exceed SAR 8,000
The child should not exceed 6 years of age

Mechanism and Duration of Subsidy

The Human Resources Development Fund will cover part of registration fee for two children maximum at one of the registered centers at Qurrah portal, up to a maximum of SAR 800 per month per child.

Booking with Subsidy Steps:

Register in Taqat Portal
Apply for Qurrah program in Taqat
Register in Qurrah Portal
Check the Mother Eligibility through (My Subsidy) Tab
Add the Children
Choose One of the Accredited Centers (Has HRDF Logo)
Choose a Suitable Service for the Child and Click on “Book with Subsidy”
Choose the Child and the Service Start Date
Wait for Center Approval
10. Go to the Center to pay the amount after deducting the Subsidy, Provide OTP Code to the Center