Welcome to Qurrah Child Care Program

Childcare is a national initiative established by Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to encourage working mothers in the private sector to continue working with a peace of mind that their children are in good hands at the child care centers and nurseries. In addition to that, mothers that are seeking jobs in the Saudi labor market can also enroll their children in the childcare facilities. .

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Program Goals

  • Support and increase the rate of Saudi women working in the private sector and encourage job stability.
  • Improve and develop the environment and services of the child-care centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Overcome many of the barriers to the womens work environment in the Kingdom, and the balance between their responsibilities, especially after there has become a global challenge to womens work, a reconciliation between family duties and career aspirations.
  • Create transparency and easy access to data and information on child care centers, through the launch of an electronic portal

Childcare"Electronic Gate Goals"

  • Easy to reach all Childcare centers: Creating transparency and easy access to data and information on child care centers through this gate.
  • To be a registering gate for nurseries and childcare centers in the program: The program aims to provide an opportunity for childcare centers or licensed nurseries by (social development, education) to join and stimulate the centers to apply the standards and raise the quality level.
  • A gate that offers a range of nurseries and childcare centers for mothers to enroll their children: “Childcare” gate is an opportunity to collectively gather childcare centers who are licensed by Ministry of Labor, Social Development or Ministry of Education that matched the quality and cost standards, which provides an opportunity for mothers who are searching for a reliable childcare centers to enroll their children and benefit from the Human Resource Development Funds of receivables and also assess the quality and level of expressing their views.